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10 Brain Foods For Your Kids

brain food for kids

brain food for kidsWith exam season fast approaching, kids need all the brain boosting help they can lay their hands on, so why not consider sticking a few of these foods on the menu to give your kids the best possible chance.


1. Spinach - This leafy green is in the top of so many lists. Spinach is one of the most vitamin and nutrient rich vegetables you could possibly eat. Loaded with almost everything the body needs, it is believed to be able to stave off mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Berries - Berries of all kinds are incredibly healthy. Packed with antioxidants, berries help the body seek and destroy free radicals that roam about within your child. This prevents cell damage which could lead to cancer. These foods have also been linked to memory function and motor skills.

3. Fish - Salmon, tuna, shellfish and other fish contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. This helps the brain create tissue for continued development as well as provide higher levels of energy for children.

4. Eggs - Egg yolks contain the memory improving nutrient of choline to help brain power. High levels of protein are also available in order to assist in energy levels as well as muscle mass for the developing body.

5. Broccoli - Although broccoli is another vegetable that many children would rather not eat, it’s been identified to improve memory functionality. It’s also loaded with high levels of vitamin C improving overall health. Some children may find broccoli tolerable while adding ranch to dip the green before eating.

6. Red Meats - As one of the most prominent sources of iron, red meats can help improve mental functionality. Since a deficiency of iron blocks oxygen flow to the brain, increasing this mineral can improve everything from cognitive thought to behavior and mannerism.

7. Walnuts - Some children can be quite allergic to nuts. However, walnuts contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s one of the more healthy snacking foods you can give a child to help promote physical and mental attributes.

8. Beets - Studies have shown that beets provide the body with nitric oxide which expands the walls of blood vessels. This expansion allows greater flow of blood to the brain increase its productivity.

9. Oats - While some may have an allergic reaction to glucose, oats can greatly improve overall brain functionality as it is used for development. Since the brain consumes more than one-fifth of the body’s energy supply, oats can help replenish what is used.

10. Chocolate - Although sitting your child down with a bag of chocolate bars won’t turn him or her into a genius, dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants as well as being able to improve concentration.

Although it may be difficult to get children to eat some of the items in this list, it can have a hugely beneficial effect on your child’s concentration and memory. While it’s doubtful that little Tommy will instantly become an Einstein after eating dinner, proper diet is important in the development and maintenance of the brain. Provide healthier meals and snacks and you could see an increase in scholastic prowess.

Always curious, Ashley Hardway is constantly learning and passionate about sharing what she learns with others. Based in Houston, Texas, she loves to help families grow stronger, help their environments and communities, and keep moving forward! Check out @NannyLady on Twitter to connect and find out more.