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10 Cool Facts About Grandparents

10 Cool Facts About Grandparents

Did you know it’s is entirely possible that your grandparents love you to the moon and back, just like the little rabbit in that book “guess how much I love you.” But have you ever stopped to wonder why you love them so much? Here’s ten little reasons, and if you write a couple in a card and post it to them, they will think you really are a little angel!

  1. Grandparents tell the coolest stories. They might make them up or tell you what it was like in the “old days”, but either way, their stories make them sound like true heroes. “Did tell you about the time I fought a real lion…”
  2. They don’t mind being silly. You can bet mum wouldn’t wear that funny hat you made with newspaper and sticky tape, but grandad will.
  3. Grandparents love watching you do some cool dance moves, or play your recorder, even if you aren’t that good, they will tell you that you are the best.
  4. Grandparents will tell you some really daft stories about your mum and dad when they were little. “Did you know, your mum once fell off a climbing frame and knocked her two front teeth into the shape of a rabbit”.
  5. They have a garage full of interesting gadgets and gizmos.
  6. Grandparents will treasure all the paintings and models you bring them, forever.
  7. They let you eat junky food without vegetables.
  8. Grandparents can make things, like bikes with trailers, go carts and sugary treats.
  9. Grandparents are ALWAYS pleased to see you.
  10. They love you to the moon and back, a thousand times – now that’s BIG love!


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