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May, 2012

What is Fitness?

Most kids know that fitness is important for health. The grown-ups are always banging on about it after all aren’t they? Just as you’ve settled down to a great computer game dad says ‘Get off that Playstation’ after only 3 minutes. When you’re lying in bed on a Saturday reading a comic, mum chases you up and asks if you would like …Continue reading →

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Active Kids – Where Do They Get All That Energy?

You know that feeling when the kids are charging up and down the stairs playing hide and seek and you can only find the energy to get up for another caffeine fix from the coffee machine. Or when you take them to the park and you have to see-saw and swing and slide for hours when you would much rather lounge on …Continue reading →

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What To Do If Your Child Tells Lies

There can’t possibly be a child on the planet who hasn’t told a fib or two. Often it is an attempt to avoid being in trouble for something they know is wrong. Which, when you think about it, is a positive sign that they do actually know the difference between right and wrong! Nonetheless, lying is not nice and can …Continue reading →

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Water Fun

 So after a hard day at school, when you’ve been toiling away at your desk, trying to puzzle out answers to difficult maths questions and struggling for inspiration for your literacy story, you need to unwind. All day, you’ve been longing to get out in the fresh air to have fun, so here is the most fabulous idea that won’t cost the earth. You will …Continue reading →

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Clean Your Teeth Properly

Now that you are old enough to brush your teeth on your own, are you doing it properly? Lots of kids hate brushing their teeth and only whizz the brush round their mouth for a few seconds, are you like that? If yes, the chances are, you are not getting rid of all the harmful tooth plaque that can damage …Continue reading →

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Does Your Child Carry Too Much To School?

There must be days when your child has to take everything but the kitchen sink to school! Guitars, cookery ingredients, football kits, packed lunch and of course, books, are dragged there and dragged all the way back regularly, but have you stopped to think about the health implications for your child? The weights that children are required to carry to school …Continue reading →

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Can Drinking Water Help Your Child Make Healthy Food Choices?

“Here’s the deal mum,” says my son, “I can only eat my salad with a gulp of water. It gets stuck in my mouth and I can’t swallow it.” It’s yet another salad-dodging excuse that I’m well used to from the darling child. But it seems he may actually have a point. Researchers from the university of Oregon have discovered that giving your child …Continue reading →

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