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June, 2012

Fun Flexibility Ideas

How fabulous it is to see youngsters cartwheeling or clambering over play frames easily and without worrying about putting their back out or aggravating that sore knee like most of us oldies! An important component of fitness is flexibility. A flexible child will have joints that can move through their full range of motion easily and children are naturally more …Continue reading →

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Fun Facts About The London Olympics 2012

The Olympics were even more fabulous than any of us dared to imagine. Even the biggest Olympic-sceptic couldn’t fail to be moved by the magnificent opening ceremony and the skill and sportsmanship of the athletes. If you like a bit of trivia, here we have the best fun facts about London 2012. The cost of the London Olympics was thought …Continue reading →

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Too Much Salt

  Sometimes it is so convenient to whizz together a ham sandwich and packet of crisps for the kids’ lunch, but do many of us consider the amount of salt we are giving them? Too much salt can be harmful as it causes the body to store water, which in turn can raise blood pressure and put unnecessary strain on …Continue reading →

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Tips for Raising Active, Healthy and Fit Kids

So here at Kids-Health we are always on the lookout for fun and educational activities that are designed with kids in mind. A fantastic website, packed with ideas and superb printable activities is Nourish Interactive. One of our personal favourites is below. If you click on the picture below, a printable opens in a new window. We have stuck a …Continue reading →

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Wholewheat Strawberry and Banana Muffins

Yayyy! Strawberry time here again! As English strawberries are plentiful and relatively cheap, why not pick some and make one or two delicious recipes for the freezer. These wholewheat strawberry and banana muffins are excellent. They are so simple to make so you can get the children involved, plus, they freeze extremely well, so you can save some for the …Continue reading →

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What is a Calorie?

  If you are baffled and confused when you hear the grown-ups talking about calories or when you look at the calorie figures on food packaging you have come to absolutely the right place. Here are 7 very crucial questions and answers to tell you all you need to know about calories. 1. What does calorie mean? A calorie is …Continue reading →

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How Many Calories Can You Burn?

You may already know that exercise encourages your body to burn fat. You see, when your muscles get to work they have a bit of stored energy, but after a while they make energy by using the stored fat around your body. This is great news if you have a bit of fat to spare, and grown-ups like to exercise …Continue reading →

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