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July, 2012

Kids Need Dogs

As you would expect, owning a dog helps to keep you fit. All those hours walking round the park, endless tennis ball throwing, grooming and brushing all help to improve your overall health and fitness. There are also people who firmly believe that dogs can help to lower stress levels, the petting of their fur alone can help you wind …Continue reading →

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London 2012 Figures

Are your kids the type to be fascinated by figures? Do they have any comprehension of numbers over a thousand? A million? Even a billion? Lots of kids find big numbers quite staggering and, if we are talking big numbers, then take a look at these babies: 4 billion is the estimated number of people around the world who will …Continue reading →

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Do A Rain Dance

Most of us loathe getting caught in the rain, and let’s face it with the present rainfall levels being enough to practically sink the planet – most of us HAVE been caught in the rain recently! So mindful of that great adage “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” we have decided that during the next downpour we are going …Continue reading →

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5 a Day Pasta Bake

One winter we decided to have a veg box delivered from a local farm. The idea was that they would supply a bundle of fabulous seasonal vegetables with a super recipe to try. We received this pasta bake recipe with a mountain of red onions, carrots and leeks and the kids absolutely loved it! It is packed with flavour, and …Continue reading →

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Make a Salad Garden

Recently, the supermarkets have been tapping in to the trend for growing your own vegetables by supplying living salad plants in the salad section of their stores. What a great idea! No more soggy salad in the bottom of the fridge, instead you can grow crispy, fresh leaves on the kitchen window ledge. No hassle with germinating seeds or worrying …Continue reading →

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Do Kids Benefit From Martial Arts Classes?

Many parents have mixed feelings about martial arts classes for children. Some think that it has enormous health benefits and others would rather not let their children take part in anything that could be construed as aggressive or linked to fighting. Here are some facts that might help to dispel the myths. Martial arts classes such as Judo, Karate and …Continue reading →

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Moving and Growing

If your teacher asks you all about how animals move and grow, or if you have to swat up on the different bones in the body for a test, have a go at the fabulous BBC activities by clicking on the link below. You will astonish, astound and amaze your teacher with your new found knowledge!    

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