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August, 2012

Is Pocket Money a Good Idea?

Do you give your kids pocket money or do they have to earn it? Do your kids save it or spend it? How much is appropriate? If you have kids, you have most probably thought about the pocket money issue. It is important to think carefully about it, because parents’ attitudes to money will arguably affect the financial and budgeting …Continue reading →

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

During school holidays the chances are your little angels have been getting used to extended bedtimes! The kids-health kids certainly have. My 9 year old now feels quite cheated if his holiday bed time is announced before 9pm even though he could quite well be cranky the next day. So as the new school term is here we have got …Continue reading →

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Go Geocaching!

I must confess, when I read about geocaching I thought it must be a bit of a technological faff. I imagined needing a fancy gadget that you needed an ‘A’ level to operate. Then I had a horrible feeling that it would involve miles of walking over muddy terrain followed by a real Daz challenge when we got back home. …Continue reading →

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7 Great Tips to Care For Your Kids’ Teeth

Making sure your children’s teeth are taken care of is a big responsibility. Teeth are very important, not only to oral health, but to overall health as well. There are certain things you can do to make sure that your children get started on the pathway to healthy teeth for the future. – Help your children establish the habit of …Continue reading →

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7 Healthy Food Disguises!

    In this article, we will show how you can disguise healthy food for your junk-food-loving kids! CHEESE This food contains protein and calcium that kids need to strengthen their bones and muscles. You can make slices of cheese into shapes, and then put them on sticks with some slices of colorful fruits like strawberry, apple, kiwi and grapes. HOME BAKED COOKIES Instead …Continue reading →

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Your Very First Baby Toys

That little bundle of joy has arrived, and whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran, that sweet little person deserves the best. You want to entertain, teach, and nurture the little one from the beginning – but how? What are the first baby toys you should buy? Your Face No, really – your face is the first toy your …Continue reading →

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Cheese and Chia Seed Scones

Most children get spoiled rotten when they visit their grandparents. Sweeties, crisps, pop – grandparents keep it all in their cupboards ‘in case the kids come’. That’s exactly how it is in our family. But not this week. Today the lucky children got a generous pot of chia seeds. Undaunted, we decided to embrace Grandma’s chia seed movement (grandpa wasn’t …Continue reading →

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