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September, 2012

Exercise And Your Kids’ Emotional Health

Everybody knows about the physical health benefits of exercise and the importance of setting good exercise habits in childhood. An aspect that receives less consideration perhaps is the effect of exercise on emotional health. An estimated one in ten children suffer from a mental health disorder and exercise can have a significant positive impact on their behaviour and mood. Some …Continue reading →

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Skipping Games for Kids

Kids all over the world and throughout the ages have enjoyed rope skipping. It’s a cheap activity, can be done alone or in a group and has massive health benefits. It is excellent for increasing heart and lung fitness, leg strength, co-ordination and balance. It is also fabulous fun; to see kiddies enjoying a skipping game really is great and, …Continue reading →

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Swimming Pool Play

The Olympics has left one very positive legacy, and that is an increase in the number of parents and children using the nation’s swimming pools! We have lots of fun activities to try in the pool here and for anyone who wants to invest in a few pool toys we have some excellent suggestions below. Zoggs Seal Dive Sticks £9.80 The …Continue reading →

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Lovely Lunch Box Notes

If your children take a packed lunch to school, why not post a little note inside to brighten their day. Here, we have selected a few of the best lunch box notes on the web for you to print and post into your little one’s lunch box.   and finally, if you can’t get the printer to work…

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Super-Easy Pumpkin Pie

The shops are now suddenly full of some very interesting looking pumpkins and squashes.  They look absolutely fascinating, so tasty and fresh too. Isn’t it amazing how mother nature creates a food harvest like this in so many colours and shapes.   Well, here is a fantastic recipe to try with pumpkin.               You …Continue reading →

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Omega 3 For Kids

An article in the papers recently caught my attention. A new study claims that taking Omega 3 oils has a beneficial effect on children who have poor reading skills. Scientists at Oxford University gave 600mg omega-3 fatty acid pills to 362 children aged seven to nine daily for 16 weeks.  They found those whose reading skills were in the lowest fifth …Continue reading →

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10 Ways To Make Time For Kids’ Exercise

You might be one of those parents who juggles. Or perhaps you are more adept at spinning plates? You know what I mean – work, children, cooking, housework, washing and so on. Sometimes, a twenty four hour day just doesn’t cut it. Let’s have a thirty hour day, then we wouldn’t have to charge around like dogs chasing their tails …Continue reading →

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