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November, 2012

Is Your Child a Fussy Eater?

Is it a battle of wills at mealtimes, getting your kids to eat the foods you have lovingly prepared for them? Do they turn their noses up at the sight of anything vegetably or cheesy? There are all sorts of fussy eaters. Some children will only eat a very limited range of foods, others will refuse to eat foods that …Continue reading →

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Teaching Your Kids Resilience and Persistence

Is your child one of those who gets daunted by a challenge? Do they come across a hurdle and tend to run the other way? If yes, then these could be very helpful little tactics to train them to attack a challenge and not give up.  Resilience and persistence If you have a resilient child, they will likely recover very …Continue reading →

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Bouldering and Indoor Climbing

Here at Kids-Health we are always delighted to discover activities that will keep the kids fit, healthy and strong throughout the winter months. The weather scuppers many plans to go on walks or play outdoors but with a bit of research on Google you can find something different. Here’s what we found this half term. Bouldering – What is it? …Continue reading →

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How Do You Catch A Cold?

  Sniffle, sniffle, sNEEZe! Having a cold can make you feel quite miserable can’t it? You have to remember to carry some tissues or a hanky with you or otherwise mum and dad come along to wipe your drippy beak just when you’re least expecting it. Sitting next to someone in class who keeps sniffling or wiping their nose on …Continue reading →

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