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December, 2012

Healthy Diet – Healthy Eyes

Nowadays, vision problems such as blurry vision, squinting and loosing eyesight are very common among children. But since healthy vision and eyes are critical for the development of kids, it is very important that you take measures to keep your child safe from the risks of vision problems. Eye examinations should be conducted regularly in order to detect eye diseases …Continue reading →

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Sleepwalking Child? How To Keep Them Safe

It can be disturbing to wake up in the middle of the night and see your child walking around while he or she is still asleep, but luckily, sleepwalking is a very common childhood behaviour. According to the National Academy for Childhood Sleep Disorders, close to 18 percent of children are prone to sleepwalking, Sleepwalking, which includes a variety of …Continue reading →

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How To Keep Your Kids Healthy During The Flu Season

There are certain times of the year that leave our children more prone to sickness then others. The changing of the weather before and after winter are the worst times for sickness among both children and adults. It seems like almost everyone comes down with something during this time, from a simple cold to flu or other illness. However there …Continue reading →

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5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Swim

Studies show that children who don’t learn how to swim while they’re young are likely to never learn as adults. Additionally, adults often struggle to learn as their fear becomes stronger and the idea of learning becomes more of a mental obstacle.  It’s unfortunate, as swimming is incredibly beneficial to your health and could potentially save your life in an …Continue reading →

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