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January, 2013

10 tips for Motivating Your Lazy Child

Have you got a child who loves the TV or their computer games? Do you have a young teen who spends their Saturday mornings in bed? Motivating some children can be a challenging task as parents well understand. Luckily, there are certain tactics which can spur your child to be less lazy and get off the couch. Learned helplessness This …Continue reading →

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Keeping Your Kids Safe In The Cold And Snow

They don’t call it a winter wonderland for nothing –-  kids love to play outside in the cold and snow. And who can blame them? There’s just something magical about your first sled ride, or watching your breath frost up in front of you. Not to mention building snowmen and igloos, ice skating, and snowball fights. What kid could resist? …Continue reading →

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Do You Like Reading?

Sometimes when you first start out reading it does not seem like much fun. You have to sound out all the words and even reading a sentence or two takes forever. That is why a lot of kids never really enjoy reading. They see it as a chore or homework. However reading is not a chore In fact it can …Continue reading →

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Pool Safety – 5 Hints To Keep The Kids Safe

“Jimmy, no running at the pool. You know the rules.” The family swimming pool – it is a source of tremendous enjoyment, and everyone wants accident-free pool fun. But kids will be kids, and prone to take risks. Their enthusiasm sometimes overrides their sense of caution. What helpful hints can keep kids safe in the pool? 1) Have an adult …Continue reading →

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