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5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Swim


Studies show that children who don’t learn how to swim while they’re young are likely to never learn as adults. Additionally, adults often struggle to learn as their fear becomes stronger and the idea of learning becomes more of a mental obstacle.  It’s unfortunate, as swimming is incredibly beneficial to your health and could potentially save your life in an emergency situation. Don’t wait too long to teach your child how to swim; here are five reasons that may convince you:

1. Safety

Learning how to swim can one day save your child’s life. As drowning accidents are the leading cause of death for children under 5, it’s imperative that your kids learn how to swim as soon as possible. Swimming lessons are offered to children of all ages and can be taught to any skill level. Whether or not you own a pool, you never know when your child may wander to a neighbour’s pool or a nearby body of water.  You owe it to them to provide them with life-saving skills.

2. Involvement

You don’t want your kid to be left out of all the summer fun! Knowing how to swim will allow your child to join in on pool parties, beach outings, boat rides, and so much more. Swimming with friends has been a significant part of many people’s childhood memories; don’t let your child miss out on this classic pastime. It’s a great way to encourage social interaction with other children.

3. Health

Swimming is one of the healthiest ways to stay in shape. With escalating rates of obesity in our nation, it’s important to teach children fitness habits they can enjoy. The buoyancy of water prevents strain and harsh impact on your body, lowering the chances for injury and making it accessible to many skill levels.  Water also provides allover resistance, giving you a well-rounded, strength training session that tones all of your muscles, simultaneously, while also giving you a cardio workout. The lower temperatures of the water help your body to stay cool while you expend energy, allowing you to workout or play for longer periods of time, in turn, burning more calories. Swimming in cooler temperatures also helps improve your blood circulation and immune system. If these reasons are not enough, studies show swimming evokes the same sensations in the brain that meditation does, improving your mental health.

4. Inexpensive Hobby

Healthy hobbies are a great way to relieve tension and take a break from the daily responsibilities. Children with strong interests in some endeavors tend to be less stressed and better adjusted to the challenges of life. They have an outlet to vent frustration and a way to occupy time that is safe and enriching. Swimming costs little to nothing to participate in and can be done all year round. It can also teach your child how to have fun without spending any money.

5. Confidence

Swimming is a skill. It takes patience, practice, and persistence and can be infinitely improved. Similar to learning how to ride a bike or tie a shoelace, learning how to swim will help your child feel confident and capable. Having measurable goals set out will help your child grow in confidence, take on more challenges and seek more skills to learn in the future.

Brett Callan is an instructor for Murray Callan, where their San Diego swim lessons and Mission Beach swim lessons offer customized support for children throughout San Diego. He loves to enjoy the San Diego weather whenever he can, whether from the beach or at a pool.

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