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5 things that will make the grown-ups very happy

happy grown-ups

Are you always getting nagged. Does dad or mum always get on your case saying you’re lazy, or you must try harder at school? Do your teachers keep telling you off for not behaving? Yes? Ooops! Well how about trying out these 5 things and see how it turns your life around. The grown-ups will think you have transformed into a little angel overnight. You might win yourself a treat, or some rewards at school. Who knows? It has to be worth a try.

  1. Try your best. Ok so you might be useless at footie or drawing. You might be a simpleton when it comes to sums, but there is one thing that is sure to make the grown-ups coo with delight – “well at least you tried your best”. It doesn’t hurt and it can actually be quite satisfying. You’ll feel great knowing you gave something your best shot, even though it might not have turned out perfect. Giving something 100% effort is a fantastic skill to learn and will get you places in later life – you’ll see!
  2. Help out. Most grown ups are extremely busy people and try to squeeze as much as they can into their days. One thing that you could try is offering to lend a hand. Maybe you noticed the sink full of cups – how about washing them up? Or perhaps the pencils are all broken at school – how about offering to sharpen them? It’s amazing how the grown-ups will respond. “oooh isn’t she considerate and helpful?….ahh what a lovely kind boy” . There, easy, you will have earned yourself another angel halo!
  3. Do as you’re asked. Ok so maybe you didn’t notice the sink full of pots or the blunt pencils. Perhaps your bedroom is a bombsite or the dog needs a walk. If a grown up asks you to do something it’s because they really need a spot of help. Also, it’s generally a good idea to co-operate because they might get a bit upset and stop your pocket money or something equally dreadful. It’s a great thing if you do as you’re asked first time because you might totally forget about it and that would cause a bit of a grown-up nag fest and that’s not nice.
  4. Be kind. Now this one will probably get you a golden angel halo because being kind is one thing that grown-ups really love. You probably want to really bug your sister beacause you’re bored. Maybe you want to do a foul tackle against a footie opponent because he’s too cocky. Or perhaps you can’t be bothered to look after your pet rabbit. All these things are not very kind are they, and they could land you in a whole heap of trouble anyway. Treat others as you would like to be treated and you will make the grown-ups very happy indeed. There’s also the very real possiblity that your kindness will come back. If you’re kind to someone, they will be kind to you.
  5. Treat a grown up to a surprise. If you ever stopped to think about how much the grown-ups do for you, you might get a shock. Who cooks the dinner? Who cleans the bathroom? Who plans exciting lessons? Who drives you to places? Who buys you the things you like? Yep, the grown-ups. So how about giving them a nice little surprise. Are you old enough to make a nice cup of tea for your mum or dad? Can you polish someone’s shoes? Have you made biscuits and could you take one to your teacher? You have a little wonder to yourself and think of some lovely surprises. The grown-ups might give you a big huggly squeeze and a sloppy kiss! Ewww!

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