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Awesome Athletics For Kids

athletics for kids


You may have been hearing a thing or two about the olympics lately. London 2012 is what everyone is talking about, and it’s very likely that your teachers have been trying to improve your athletic skills in preparation for sports day. So now that the weather is better, how about getting outside and practising some skills so you can knock the teacher’s socks off in the next PE lesson. You will need a notebook to record your times and distances.


To practise the long jump, you need to try taking off from one foot and landing on two. Run three steps and take off and land. Remember to bend your knees. As you get better you can speed up your running until you are sprinting at your max before take off. Measure the length of your jump with a measuring tape from your dad’s toolkit and try to improve when you have a second and third go. As you take off, think about your speed and height. The faster and higher you go, the futher you will jump. As your body gets used to this exercise, your muscles will become more powerful to make you jump further. Jump 3 times each day for about 2 weeks and you will notice an improvement.







To improve your sprinting ability you need to pace out about 100 metres and mark the start and finish. Choose a shorter distance if you are under 10 – Sixty metres is plenty. Sprint from one end to the other as fast as you can. Think about how your arms can power you along. Don’t slow down at all until you are at least 3 paces past the finish line. Ask someone to time you or challenge your friends to a race. You can repeat the race once again, but don’t overdo it. Wait a day before you have another go. Keep a record of your times by running an identical race each day over 1 or 2 weeks. You should notice yourself getting better.

Distance running

Distance running is all about being able to run without stopping. You don’t need to run fast and it is important to start at a steady pace so you can speed up in the final parts of the race. If you set off too quickly, you won’t have any energy to keep going to the end. Decide where you are going to run to. Perhaps you want to run round the park or run around the block where you live. Set off slowly. Keep your shoulders relaxed and keep breathing – you won’t get very far if you hold your breath! Keep going, if you find you are struggling, slow down but try not to stop. How far can you run? Give yourself at least a day to recover before you try again. Try to run at least 5 more times over 2 weeks and you will notice an improvement as your body adapts to the running challenge!


You need a tennis ball for this exercise. The secret to a good throw is to involve your whole body to power the ball away. Good throwers do not simply bend their arms and fling the ball! They turn their bodies sideways. step in and spin their bodies right round with their throwing arm leading and powering the ball away. It takes some practice but once you get the hang of it you can really measure improvements in your throwing distance. Get a friend to throw your ball back to you, or failing that, borrow a dog and get him to retrieve the ball to save you wearing your legs out!

 Have alot of fun and challenge yourself to be as good as you possibly can be.