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Too Much Sugar

Have you have been told that you eat too much sugar? Does a grown-up always have a grumble at you when you put a spoon of sugar on your breakfast, or choose a fizzy pop when you’re in a cafe? Do you grab a biscuit from the biscuit tin straight after school? Yes? Oh dear. Eating too much sugar can …Continue reading →

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What’s the Point Of Handwashing?

Are you always being told to wash your hands? After playing outside? After going to the loo? After having an almighty great sneeze? Before eating? Sound familiar? Well then that’s good. Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to keep healthy. It sounds peculiar because the grown ups always like to go on about how eating your …Continue reading →

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Do You Like Reading?

Sometimes when you first start out reading it does not seem like much fun. You have to sound out all the words and even reading a sentence or two takes forever. That is why a lot of kids never really enjoy reading. They see it as a chore or homework. However reading is not a chore In fact it can …Continue reading →

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How Do You Catch A Cold?

  Sniffle, sniffle, sNEEZe! Having a cold can make you feel quite miserable can’t it? You have to remember to carry some tissues or a hanky with you or otherwise mum and dad come along to wipe your drippy beak just when you’re least expecting it. Sitting next to someone in class who keeps sniffling or wiping their nose on …Continue reading →

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Super-Easy Pumpkin Pie

The shops are now suddenly full of some very interesting looking pumpkins and squashes.  They look absolutely fascinating, so tasty and fresh too. Isn’t it amazing how mother nature creates a food harvest like this in so many colours and shapes.   Well, here is a fantastic recipe to try with pumpkin.               You …Continue reading →

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Moving and Growing

If your teacher asks you all about how animals move and grow, or if you have to swat up on the different bones in the body for a test, have a go at the fabulous BBC activities by clicking on the link below. You will astonish, astound and amaze your teacher with your new found knowledge!    

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Fun Facts About The London Olympics 2012

The Olympics were even more fabulous than any of us dared to imagine. Even the biggest Olympic-sceptic couldn’t fail to be moved by the magnificent opening ceremony and the skill and sportsmanship of the athletes. If you like a bit of trivia, here we have the best fun facts about London 2012. The cost of the London Olympics was thought …Continue reading →

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