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What’s the Point Of Handwashing?

Are you always being told to wash your hands? After playing outside? After going to the loo? After having an almighty great sneeze? Before eating? Sound familiar? Well then that’s good. Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to keep healthy. It sounds peculiar because the grown ups always like to go on about how eating your …Continue reading →

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How Do You Catch A Cold?

  Sniffle, sniffle, sNEEZe! Having a cold can make you feel quite miserable can’t it? You have to remember to carry some tissues or a hanky with you or otherwise mum and dad come along to wipe your drippy beak just when you’re least expecting it. Sitting next to someone in class who keeps sniffling or wiping their nose on …Continue reading →

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What are Freckles?

If you have freckles you probably hate them. The funny thing is, grown-ups seem to love them! Do the grown-ups in your life make you absolutely cringe when they say your freckles look cute? Yes? Thought so! Read on to get the freckle facts. What are freckles? They are little, flat, brown patches in the skin that generally appear on …Continue reading →

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So You Don’t Want to Go To School

If you don’t want to go to school you are like thousands and thousands of other children. You are not different or unusual, it’s natural. Maybe you find the lessons too easy or too difficult, maybe they’re just plain boring. Perhaps you don’t get along with your classmates, you might be in bother from the teachers or you might be …Continue reading →


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Clean Your Teeth Properly

Now that you are old enough to brush your teeth on your own, are you doing it properly? Lots of kids hate brushing their teeth and only whizz the brush round their mouth for a few seconds, are you like that? If yes, the chances are, you are not getting rid of all the harmful tooth plaque that can damage …Continue reading →

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