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Rockin’ Recipes!

Super-Easy Pumpkin Pie

The shops are now suddenly full of some very interesting looking pumpkins and squashes.  They look absolutely fascinating, so tasty and fresh too. Isn’t it amazing how mother nature creates a food harvest like this in so many colours and shapes.   Well, here is a fantastic recipe to try with pumpkin.               You …Continue reading →

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Healthy Oat and Raisin Chewy Cookies

You will find these biscuits amazingly easy to make – and they are healthy too. When they are done, they are soft and delicious. There is very little added sugar as the raisins give the sweetness and because they contain oats, they will keep your energy levels up for ages! You will need: 50g low-fat margarine or butter 50g caster …Continue reading →

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Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Shapes

Are you tired of having squidgy sarnies in your pack-up? Here’s something a little different to try. If you shop around, you may be able to find a groovy little plastic box with a knife and fork fitted into the lid – perfect for transportation to school! You need: 100g dry pasta shapes (twists, bows or tubes are fine) 1 …Continue reading →

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Fancy Frittata

A frittata is a dish made with eggs and any cooked vegetables. So you may have some in the fridge from yesterday’s dinner or you can fry a few. The eggs and cheese are full of protein and the veggies do your body tons of good too! Here’s the recipe that Kids-Health like the best. 2 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion, …Continue reading →

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Brilliant Banana, Oat and Blueberry Muffins

Here is one delicious treat for your lunchbox – these muffins are packed with goodness and are low fat too! Makes 10-12 What you need: 50 g unsalted butter 100g brown sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp ground cinnamon 225g rolled oats 225g self raising wholemeal flour 2 large ripe bananas, peeled and mashed 4tbsp honey 225g of fresh or frozen blueberries 1 apple, cored and chopped …Continue reading →

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Easy-Peasy Banana Bread

You might have heard your mum or dad banging on about how healthy fruits and veg are for you. Well here’s a way of scoffing lots of fruit in a fabulously yummy cake! Ingredients 220 g of self-raising flour 110 g of butter 150g of caster sugar 4 peeled medium sized bananas – the riper the better 2 eggs pinch …Continue reading →

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Perfect Pitta Pockets

If you’re ravenous and want a really quick snack, try one of these. Check with an adult if you can use the toaster first of all though You will need: 1 mini pitta bread 1 tbsp soft cheese 1 tbsp grated cheddar your favourite fillings – ham, tomatoes, sweetcorn , ready-roasted peppers from a jar and tuna are good 1.Pop …Continue reading →

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