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5 things that will make the grown-ups very happy

Are you always getting nagged. Does dad or mum always get on your case saying you’re lazy, or you must try harder at school? Do your teachers keep telling you off for not behaving? Yes? Ooops! Well how about trying out these 5 things and see how it turns your life around. The grown-ups will think you have transformed into …Continue reading →


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Stay Friends With Your Brother Or Sister – 3 Top Tips

Every kid thinks that their brother or sister must be the most annoying thing in town. In fact, there has probably been plenty of occasions when you wished they would take a one way ticket to outer space. But, the truth is, you have to get on with your sis or bro. Peace and harmony is what it’s all about …Continue reading →

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10 Cool Facts About Grandparents

Did you know it’s is entirely possible that your grandparents love you to the moon and back, just like the little rabbit in that book “guess how much I love you.” But have you ever stopped to wonder why you love them so much? Here’s ten little reasons, and if you write a couple in a card and post it to them, …Continue reading →


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