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Fun Facts About The London Olympics 2012

The Olympics were even more fabulous than any of us dared to imagine. Even the biggest Olympic-sceptic couldn’t fail to be moved by the magnificent opening ceremony and the skill and sportsmanship of the athletes. If you like a bit of trivia, here we have the best fun facts about London 2012. The cost of the London Olympics was thought …Continue reading →

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Water Fun

 So after a hard day at school, when you’ve been toiling away at your desk, trying to puzzle out answers to difficult maths questions and struggling for inspiration for your literacy story, you need to unwind. All day, you’ve been longing to get out in the fresh air to have fun, so here is the most fabulous idea that won’t cost the earth. You will …Continue reading →

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How To Climb a Tree in 7 Easy Steps

One of the most exciting things the kids-health oldies did in their childhood was climb trees. One tree in particular was a fabulous place to spy on all the people in the street and hide from the grown-ups! Of course, that trick didn’t work so well in the winter when the tree had lost all it’s leaves! Find a good …Continue reading →

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50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4

The National Trust have launched a brand new list of things to try before you get to the grand old age of 11 and 3/4. If, however, you happen to be nearly 12 or even a teenager, no one would mind if you joined in too. The boffins in the National Trust have realised that young people really don’t get to …Continue reading →

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