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10 Brain Foods For Your Kids

With exam season fast approaching, kids need all the brain boosting help they can lay their hands on, so why not consider sticking a few of these foods on the menu to give your kids the best possible chance.   1. Spinach – This leafy green is in the top of so many lists. Spinach is one of the most vitamin …Continue reading →

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Child Obesity

There has been much talk about the shocking UK childhood obesity statistics in the media lately. The nation’s children are getting bigger and worryingly this will lead to an unhealthy population of adults in the very near future. The risks to health and the stretching of the National Health Service are quite rightly, giving the medical profession and politicians real cause for concern. Childhood …Continue reading →

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Get Your Kids Into Reading

Well I must admit, my two have been like chalk and cheese with their reading. My daughter would read endlessly when she was little, and my son… ah well let’s just say he was probably allergic to books! In this article Alison has some very handy hints to get your children on the right reading track. Sometimes when you first …Continue reading →

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Top Tips For Tooth Care!

  One of the most common pediatric ailments, tooth decay affects roughly 40% of kids before they reach 8 years old. In fact, tooth decay is more common than asthma and hay fever among kids ages four to twelve. But many of these cases could have been easily prevented from proper child hygiene as well as reinforcement from parents.   It’s never …Continue reading →

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How To Keep Your Kids Healthy During The Flu Season

There are certain times of the year that leave our children more prone to sickness then others. The changing of the weather before and after winter are the worst times for sickness among both children and adults. It seems like almost everyone comes down with something during this time, from a simple cold to flu or other illness. However there …Continue reading →

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Exercise And Your Kids’ Emotional Health

Everybody knows about the physical health benefits of exercise and the importance of setting good exercise habits in childhood. An aspect that receives less consideration perhaps is the effect of exercise on emotional health. An estimated one in ten children suffer from a mental health disorder and exercise can have a significant positive impact on their behaviour and mood. Some …Continue reading →

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

During school holidays the chances are your little angels have been getting used to extended bedtimes! The kids-health kids certainly have. My 9 year old now feels quite cheated if his holiday bed time is announced before 9pm even though he could quite well be cranky the next day. So as the new school term is here we have got …Continue reading →

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