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4 Reasons To Get The Kids Into Gardening

Have you ever wondered about getting the kids into gardening? Giving kids a garden of their own to take care of has many benefits: Responsibility – First of all, gardening helps teach kids to be responsible. Like having a pet, plants require food and water to live. However plants cannot demand food by begging or barking like a dog can. …Continue reading →


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Nom! Nom! Nom! Children’s Party Catering

Putting together the food for a kids’ party gives you a lot of freedom to have fun with food that you might not normally get the chance to make (and enjoy!). This food can range from special cupcake to fizzy pop, as well as the all-important birthday cake. Of course, you also want to be careful not to put too many sugary …Continue reading →

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Let’s Party! Throwing a Kids Party in Style

  Organising a kids party in style is always going to be a bit of a challenge; this is mostly due to their being so much that needs to be kept on top of. In terms of going that extra step further with your planning, you can make a special effort with decorations and getting great food, while standing out …Continue reading →

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Lovely Lunch Box Notes

If your children take a packed lunch to school, why not post a little note inside to brighten their day. Here, we have selected a few of the best lunch box notes on the web for you to print and post into your little one’s lunch box.   and finally, if you can’t get the printer to work…

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Go Geocaching!

I must confess, when I read about geocaching I thought it must be a bit of a technological faff. I imagined needing a fancy gadget that you needed an ‘A’ level to operate. Then I had a horrible feeling that it would involve miles of walking over muddy terrain followed by a real Daz challenge when we got back home. …Continue reading →

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London 2012 Figures

Are your kids the type to be fascinated by figures? Do they have any comprehension of numbers over a thousand? A million? Even a billion? Lots of kids find big numbers quite staggering and, if we are talking big numbers, then take a look at these babies: 4 billion is the estimated number of people around the world who will …Continue reading →

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