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10 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

If you are like us, your bikes probably don’t see daylight during the winter months. They live, neglected, unloved and gathering cobwebs in the back of the garage for at least 6 months of the year! Every month in the UK, it is estimated that 3.1 million people cycle and cycling is the third most popular recreational activity for the …Continue reading →

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5 Fun and Active Kids’ Games

When all the kids in our family get together during the summer and the holidays we are always looking for ways to keep them entertained and to burn off that excess energy. Our family get-togethers include eight children of various ages so we always try to think of ways to entertain them as a group. The little ones do not …Continue reading →

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5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Swim

Studies show that children who don’t learn how to swim while they’re young are likely to never learn as adults. Additionally, adults often struggle to learn as their fear becomes stronger and the idea of learning becomes more of a mental obstacle.  It’s unfortunate, as swimming is incredibly beneficial to your health and could potentially save your life in an …Continue reading →

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Bouldering and Indoor Climbing

Here at Kids-Health we are always delighted to discover activities that will keep the kids fit, healthy and strong throughout the winter months. The weather scuppers many plans to go on walks or play outdoors but with a bit of research on Google you can find something different. Here’s what we found this half term. Bouldering – What is it? …Continue reading →

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Skipping Games for Kids

Kids all over the world and throughout the ages have enjoyed rope skipping. It’s a cheap activity, can be done alone or in a group and has massive health benefits. It is excellent for increasing heart and lung fitness, leg strength, co-ordination and balance. It is also fabulous fun; to see kiddies enjoying a skipping game really is great and, …Continue reading →

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Swimming Pool Play

The Olympics has left one very positive legacy, and that is an increase in the number of parents and children using the nation’s swimming pools! We have lots of fun activities to try in the pool here and for anyone who wants to invest in a few pool toys we have some excellent suggestions below. Zoggs Seal Dive Sticks £9.80 The …Continue reading →

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10 Ways To Make Time For Kids’ Exercise

You might be one of those parents who juggles. Or perhaps you are more adept at spinning plates? You know what I mean – work, children, cooking, housework, washing and so on. Sometimes, a twenty four hour day just doesn’t cut it. Let’s have a thirty hour day, then we wouldn’t have to charge around like dogs chasing their tails …Continue reading →

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