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Nutrition for Kids

The Shocking Truth About Fizzy Pop

There aren’t many kids around who will turn down the offer of a fizzy pop. A trip to the cinema often means a bumper-sized one to go with the popcorn, fast-food outlets give them away for free with kids’ meals and the supermarkets offer an astonishing array of neon coloured varieties to appeal to youngsters too – cherryade, pink lemonade, …Continue reading →

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Chewable Goodness

It’s ok for health blogs like Kids-Health to rattle on about the importance of fruit and vegetables to provide all the nutrients and vitamins for our children. But the reality is, it is jolly hard to make sure the little angels actually eat enough! More often than not, they grumble and complain about eating anything that is remotely healthy because …Continue reading →

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Get Your Kids Interested in Healthy Food

Do you want to get your kids to eat healthy food? Most children are picky eaters. Only a few eat fruits and veggies without being forced to do it. Encouraging your toddler to eat healthy foods can be a struggle. Give him a proud smile and praise when he chooses nutritious foods. Don’t nag about unhealthy choices, but suggest him …Continue reading →

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School Lunches For Kids

School Lunches: Healthier Alternatives to Processed Foods School lunches are often cheap and nutritionally deficient because school districts have very tight budgets. We shouldn’t put blame on the schools for not putting more effort into the nutritional value of lunch for it’s not the fault of the school. Parents can however, take it upon themselves to make sure children are …Continue reading →

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Eat It Up!

When I was little my parents and grandparents would lovingly cook something special and encourage me and my siblings to ‘eat it all up’ and ‘finish your plate.’ Even more encouragement was offered in the form of a pudding at the end! And I have to admit, now I’m a mum myself, I am just as guilty. I like to …Continue reading →

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Snack Switching Benefits

Youth obesity is a relatively hot topic all over the world. All too often, children are subjected to severe health complications simply because their parents refused to put their foot down. Although you can’t monitor what your child eats 24 hours a day, you can make sure that he or she is eating better while in the home. Why is …Continue reading →


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Good Sugar, Bad Sugar

It has been all over the news in recent weeks that sugar may be the biggest contributor to the obesity epidemic. No longer is fat seen to be the ‘bad cop’ it is sugar that can cause you to pile on the pounds. In the kids-health household we were wanting to educate ourselves about the sugars in our food so …Continue reading →

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