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Healthy Food Ideas

Get Your Kids Interested in Healthy Food

Do you want to get your kids to eat healthy food? Most children are picky eaters. Only a few eat fruits and veggies without being forced to do it. Encouraging your toddler to eat healthy foods can be a struggle. Give him a proud smile and praise when he chooses nutritious foods. Don’t nag about unhealthy choices, but suggest him …Continue reading →

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School Lunches For Kids

School Lunches: Healthier Alternatives to Processed Foods School lunches are often cheap and nutritionally deficient because school districts have very tight budgets. We shouldn’t put blame on the schools for not putting more effort into the nutritional value of lunch for it’s not the fault of the school. Parents can however, take it upon themselves to make sure children are …Continue reading →

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Omega 3 For Kids

An article in the papers recently caught my attention. A new study claims that taking Omega 3 oils has a beneficial effect on children who have poor reading skills. Scientists at Oxford University gave 600mg omega-3 fatty acid pills to 362 children aged seven to nine daily for 16 weeks.  They found those whose reading skills were in the lowest fifth …Continue reading →

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7 Healthy Food Disguises!

    In this article, we will show how you can disguise healthy food for your junk-food-loving kids! CHEESE This food contains protein and calcium that kids need to strengthen their bones and muscles. You can make slices of cheese into shapes, and then put them on sticks with some slices of colorful fruits like strawberry, apple, kiwi and grapes. HOME BAKED COOKIES Instead …Continue reading →

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Make a Salad Garden

Recently, the supermarkets have been tapping in to the trend for growing your own vegetables by supplying living salad plants in the salad section of their stores. What a great idea! No more soggy salad in the bottom of the fridge, instead you can grow crispy, fresh leaves on the kitchen window ledge. No hassle with germinating seeds or worrying …Continue reading →

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Healthy Barbeque Time!

It’s fabulous when the summer re-appears and you can dust off the barbeque and invite the neighbours and family round. The children love it too. In fact it can become a great excuse to eat all the bangers and burgers they can manage! Well if that’s the case amongst your brood, you can take steps to ensure that the meat is …Continue reading →

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Top 10 Healthy Picnic Ideas for Kids

When the sunny weather finally gets here (haha!) you may be able to dash out for a picnic before it rains again. Here are a few things you can put in the fridge ready for a quick picnic getaway! Carrot sticks, mini pittas and houmous to dip Quiche made from free-range eggs (choose the lower fat and salt varieties if you can) …Continue reading →

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