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Cheese and Chia Seed Scones

Most children get spoiled rotten when they visit their grandparents. Sweeties, crisps, pop – grandparents keep it all in their cupboards ‘in case the kids come’. That’s exactly how it is in our family. But not this week. Today the lucky children got a generous pot of chia seeds. Undaunted, we decided to embrace Grandma’s chia seed movement (grandpa wasn’t …Continue reading →

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5 a Day Pasta Bake

One winter we decided to have a veg box delivered from a local farm. The idea was that they would supply a bundle of fabulous seasonal vegetables with a super recipe to try. We received this pasta bake recipe with a mountain of red onions, carrots and leeks and the kids absolutely loved it! It is packed with flavour, and …Continue reading →

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Wholewheat Strawberry and Banana Muffins

Yayyy! Strawberry time here again! As English strawberries are plentiful and relatively cheap, why not pick some and make one or two delicious recipes for the freezer. These wholewheat strawberry and banana muffins are excellent. They are so simple to make so you can get the children involved, plus, they freeze extremely well, so you can save some for the …Continue reading →

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Potato Wedges, Not Fried Chips

Here is our family’s most favourite accompaniment to most things – potato wedges made with very little fat and no salt. You need: enough potatoes to feed the brood,  6 medium ones for 4 people should do it. To make: Preheat the oven to 220°c. Wash the potatoes but don’t peel them. Chop lengthways into wedge shapes and put into a …Continue reading →

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