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Safe Shopping With Your Children

Most of us have trekked around the supermarket with our little ones in tow. It’s a wonderful experience for most tots and toddlers – the sights and the sounds are stimulating and for older children a supermarket excursion can be an excellent learning experience. However, I suspect, few of us have thought about the hazards that such a busy place …Continue reading →

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10 Tips To Make Your Home and Family More Secure

Keeping Your Family Safe & Secure In 10 Steps For children there are few things more important than security… Of course your children aren’t consciously worrying about identity theft, but all the same, having a safe and secure home can contribute a great deal to their mental health. Moreover, being a victim of crime is traumatic for most people and …Continue reading →

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Keeping Your Kids Safe In The Cold And Snow

They don’t call it a winter wonderland for nothing –-  kids love to play outside in the cold and snow. And who can blame them? There’s just something magical about your first sled ride, or watching your breath frost up in front of you. Not to mention building snowmen and igloos, ice skating, and snowball fights. What kid could resist? …Continue reading →

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Pool Safety – 5 Hints To Keep The Kids Safe

“Jimmy, no running at the pool. You know the rules.” The family swimming pool – it is a source of tremendous enjoyment, and everyone wants accident-free pool fun. But kids will be kids, and prone to take risks. Their enthusiasm sometimes overrides their sense of caution. What helpful hints can keep kids safe in the pool? 1) Have an adult …Continue reading →

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Sleepwalking Child? How To Keep Them Safe

It can be disturbing to wake up in the middle of the night and see your child walking around while he or she is still asleep, but luckily, sleepwalking is a very common childhood behaviour. According to the National Academy for Childhood Sleep Disorders, close to 18 percent of children are prone to sleepwalking, Sleepwalking, which includes a variety of …Continue reading →

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Does Your Child Carry Too Much To School?

There must be days when your child has to take everything but the kitchen sink to school! Guitars, cookery ingredients, football kits, packed lunch and of course, books, are dragged there and dragged all the way back regularly, but have you stopped to think about the health implications for your child? The weights that children are required to carry to school …Continue reading →

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How Safe Are Headphones For Kids?

My boy loves screens. Anything with a screen is surely guaranteed to capture his attention far better than a book or a game. At the moment his Ipod Touch is his screen of choice and so, when he is allowed, he will plug his ears with his earphones and get lost in his Ipod world.  I was getting more than a little concerned about …Continue reading →


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