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Eat It Up!

Kid Eating

Kid EatingWhen I was little my parents and grandparents would lovingly cook something special and encourage me and my siblings to ‘eat it all up’ and ‘finish your plate.’ Even more encouragement was offered in the form of a pudding at the end!

And I have to admit, now I’m a mum myself, I am just as guilty. I like to see my kids finish their plate and tell them not to waste food.

Research from the University of Illinois has shown that forcing your child to ‘clean their plate may cause them to become obese in later life. Just as alarming, is the finding that punishing children for not finishing can damage their relationship with food.

It is far more beneficial to teach your child to eat when he or she is hungry and recognise when they are full. The study recommends that parents don’t promote eating under stress either. Giving the kids sweets when they are crying after falling over or a packet of crisps when they have had a row at school with their friends is not a good idea. And how many times have I done that – dozens!

Fortunately for me, my kids are not overweight, nor do they seem to have a damaged relationship with food. From now I’m stopping all this ‘eat it all up’ business and I hope that they haven’t taken on emotional eating habits as I did from my family. Time will tell when they have kids of their own.

I might have healthy kids but will I end up with chunky grandkids?