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Family Health

family health

I am a worrier. I come from a long line of women who could win an olympic sport in worrying. So when I began thinking about the rude health of my kids – guess what, I got worried!

You see, my kids, like millions of others are not overweight, they eat pretty well and they can run for miles and climb trees and ride scooters crazily off pavements and I would say, are ok healthwise. But I think there is still room for improvement. And, as for my health – well, there’s definitely room for improvment so here is my blog post for ideas to improve the whole family’s health. From the couch potato family to the superfit, you should find something useful.

Family Eating

Eating healthy foods together is the best food education you can give the kids. They learn from example and so if you eat healthily then they will too. It’s a great idea to all sit down for a meal once a day and enjoy a family meal together and try to ensure you don’t overfeed the kids either. They are alot smaller and need smaller portions, that goes for pudding portions too. It may be tempting to “reward” the kids with a big pudding if they have finished their plate of dinner but it’s really not going to do their waistline any good.

Family Exercise

Doing exercise together is great for health and great fun too. Getting out on the bikes together, going to family-fun swimming or a brisk walk in the countryside will do wonders for the family’s heart and lung fitness. If the weather is bad, dust off the Nintendo Wii (there must be plenty of those stashed away in the nation’s cupboards  – I know at least 3 sets of parents who are guilty of Wii neglect). Read my post about Family Fitness for more ideas.

 Family Fun

 Emotional and mental health is important too. They say the family that plays together stays together, so spend time doing things that everyone enjoys. A game of crazy golf, a trip to the cinema or a saturday afternoon movie with popcorn and drinks. Play a boardgame – let the kids win sometimes though! Make daisy chains, bake a sticky cake and decorate it with sweets, paint pictures or do salt-dough modelling. The choice is endless, the only thing stopping you are the limits of your imagination.


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