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Fun Facts About The London Olympics 2012


The Olympics were even more fabulous than any of us dared to imagine. Even the biggest Olympic-sceptic couldn’t fail to be moved by the magnificent opening ceremony and the skill and sportsmanship of the athletes. If you like a bit of trivia, here we have the best fun facts about London 2012.

  1. The cost of the London Olympics was thought to be 10 billion pounds. That’s enough to buy 10 cruise ships!
  2. Sports equipment used by the competitors in the Olympic events was given away to charities when the games were over.
  3. The Olympic stadium seats 80,000 people – huge!
  4. At the 1908 London Games the organisers of the Marathon discovered that the British Royal Box was 385 yards further down route than the 26 mile finishing mark. The route was extended to finish exactly in front of King Edward VII and has been 26miles and 385 yards ever since.
  5. Mandeville and Wenlock are the official Olympic mascots and are named after the Stoke Mandeville games for the disabled and Much Wenlock which is a small English village where the first modern Olympics were supposed to have been held in 1866.
  6. An estimated 4 billion people tuned in to watch the Olympic opening ceremony.
  7. All food packaging served on the Olympic site did not harm the environment – it was made into compost at the end!
  8. Up to 5500 athletes ate in the Olympic Village dining room at once – woohoo, that’s one amazing team of chefs!
  9. The five ring Olympic symbol represents the five continents of the world.
  10. 26,400 tennis balls, 2,700 footballs and 65,000 towels were used – corrr!

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