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Get Up And Dance!

Get up and dance!

So you’re a bit bored and its raining outside. How about having a little boogie? Now we’re not suggesting that any of us are good enough to throw those shapes in the picture above, and perhaps you shouldn’t try it unless you want to end up in bandages! But you can dance in your own little way and dancing is an amazing way to keep fit, it’s great fun too, so what are you waiting for?!

Find a good place

Your bedroom might be a good place to move around. You might have to clear a bit of space, especially if your toys or clothes are all over the place! Ask a grown up if you need to push a bit of furniture to one side. The important thing is that you have enough room to move about without giving yourself an injury! Also, bear in mind that if your bedroom is upstairs and you intend to do a bit of stomping, your parents might get a bit upset if they are downstairs and you cause the ceilings to rattle and shake! Be light on your feet and it shouldn’t cause a problem. If using your bedroom is just not possible, how about the garage? The garden shed? The dining room? You can be clever and find a place where you are not disturbing anyone.

Wear some comfy clothes

Its no good flinging yourself around if you have tons of jewellery on, or if your jeans are too tight. Put on something loose and comfy like a tracksuit and t-shirt. Bare feet are ideal, but you can wear soft pumps or trainers if you are outside.


So ideally, you need a spot of music to really get down in the groove. You might own a cd player, an Ipod and dock, a radio or a computer. All are great for playing your favourite sounds. Choose a piece that you really enjoy. It doesn’t matter if no one else likes it. If you like Justin Bieber and no one else does, hard luck, it’s your dance after all!

Feel the beat

Once you are set up with a space and music, you can get moving. Can you feel the beat? Can you make up some moves? Can you put together a little routine. Once you get going you will realise how much fun it is. Get a friend round and practise something together. Grab a grown-up and get them joining in too – now that might be a bit of a challenge, but you never know, some grown-ups will be up for it!


Well, now you have practised soooo hard and your feet are just beginning to ache, you need to assemble a little audience. Grab anyone – mum, dad, little brother, teddy and pet hamster – the more the merrier – and show them the groove! Insist on a round of applause and a prize of a cold, juicy drink at the end – you have earned it!

This Dance Central software runs with the Xbox and Kinect console below. It is fantastic fun but you might have to save your pennies hard to buy it.




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