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Go Geocaching!


I must confess, when I read about geocaching I thought it must be a bit of a technological faff. I imagined needing a fancy gadget that you needed an ‘A’ level to operate. Then I had a horrible feeling that it would involve miles of walking over muddy terrain followed by a real Daz challenge when we got back home. I was very, very wrong though!

Geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century. You don’t need any fancy gear and as there are literally thousands of caches (treasure boxes) to find, you don’t even have to travel far from home.

Curious to find out more, I used my phone to download a free app. I got the intro version as it was free, but for £6.99 you can get something with a few more features. When I started the app, a few pages of very easy instructions appeared on the screen and then, to the kid’s delight it highlighted 4 geocaches within 700 metres of our house! As it was a nice evening we ran out to find the first one which was only 200 metres away. The arrows on the map on my phone pointed the way to the neighbouring street and as we got close it told us to look around. After a few moments and narrowing the search area down to the last metre, we found a tiny cylindrical container tucked behind loose bark on a tree. Inside was a little log book where others had signed their name and the date – we did the same. How easy was that!

We have found a few more caches since then, some are in bigger boxes and contain toys which you are welcome to take (remember to replace them with something else that you own though). When we have been out and about we have switched on the app and instantly been shown where the geocaches are around us. It’s so simple and the kids absolutely love it. Once you get the hang of geocaching you can hide your own for others to find. We are tempted to plant one in our front garden and watch to see who comes along!

Why not give geocaching a try, it’s cheap and easy and it gets the kids outdoors and exercising! Find out more from Or if you just want a taster, go to the app store and download the app with the geocaching logo:


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