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How Safe Are Headphones For Kids?

dB Logic HP-100 Sound Pressure Limiting Headphones

My boy loves screens. Anything with a screen is surely guaranteed to capture his attention far better than a book or a game. At the moment his Ipod Touch is his screen of choice and so, when he is allowed, he will plug his ears with his earphones and get lost in his Ipod world. 

I was getting more than a little concerned about his earphones and the potential damage to his young ears, especially when I could also hear his atrocious music when he was sitting next to me. I decided to fiddle with Ipod settings to limit the volume. My techno-savvy son can unfiddle anything quite easily though and so that turned out to be a wasted exercise.

According to some experts, children are at risk of hearing damage if they use headphones or earphones excessively and with the volume too loud. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital in the US established that listening to a portable music player with headphones at 60 percent of their potential volume for one hour a day is relatively safe. However, lots of youngsters are keeping the volume too high and listening for far too long. Apparently, earbuds and headphones are all capable of damaging hearing. For those who wonder the difference, headphones consist of small speakers that are held close to the ear, while ear buds are the in-ear version of headphones and they tend to focus sound more directly into the ear. The key factor is the sound volume in the ear, not the design of earphone or headphone.

I investigated the world of safety earphones for children and I came across something called passive acoustic limiting technology. It protects the ears by pulling back sound volume in response to high sound pressure levels. It all seems quite clever, but absolutely perfect for my little chap. So, here are a few of my finds that you might find useful too.




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