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How To Climb a Tree in 7 Easy Steps

Tree Climbing

One of the most exciting things the kids-health oldies did in their childhood was climb trees. One tree in particular was a fabulous place to spy on all the people in the street and hide from the grown-ups! Of course, that trick didn’t work so well in the winter when the tree had lost all it’s leaves!

  1. Find a good tree. You need to look for one that has a thick sturdy trunk and a branch that grows quite low to the ground so you can hitch up easily. If the branches are nice and thick and spaced about half a metre apart up the trunk then it will be a great tree to climb. The branches will support your weight and they won’t be out of reach as you ascend.
  2. Warm up your body and muscles by jogging on the spot and stretching your arms and legs out. Warming up will help prevent your body from getting injured.
  3. Step up to the first branch and hold on to the trunk or the branch above you. Make sure you stay close to the trunk as the branches are much stronger there. It is not such a good idea to go right out onto a branch as it may bend and snap. Look for hand and footholds as you go up. Try and keep at least 3 parts of your body in contact with the tree. Two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand for instance.
  4. Keep going up until you run out of branches or the branches become thin. Also, you might want to keep one eye on the ground – you don’t want to keep going up then look down and get scared at how high you are!
  5. Have a good look around and enjoy the view! You might see undiscovered things up there. Are there bird’s nests? Insects? Can you spot a far away place in the distance? Is it possible to sit and take the weight off your feet?
  6. Start to come down. Keep looking for firm hand and footholds and take your time. Rushing might cause a slip. It is often better to descend facing the trunk too.
  7. Look forward to your next tree climbing adventure. Why not challenge a friend to join you. Take a camera to get photographic evidence for when you boast about your tree-climbing exploits!