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Kids Need Dogs

children and dogs

As you would expect, owning a dog helps to keep you fit. All those hours walking round the park, endless tennis ball throwing, grooming and brushing all help to improve your overall health and fitness. There are also people who firmly believe that dogs can help to lower stress levels, the petting of their fur alone can help you wind down after a hard day at work.

Now, believe it or not, researchers have found that children who grow up with a dog in the house can have better immunity than children who don’t. Babies are less likely to have breathing problems, coughs, colds and to need antibiotics too. The findings were made in the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, where a study of 397 infants showed that those with contact with dogs were healthy for 72-76% of their first year compared with 65% for infants who had no dog contact.

It is not known why the babies appeared to be more healthy, but it is suspected that the exposure to the dirt that a dog carries plays a major part. Babies who live with any furry pet may also have a lower risk of allergies in later life according to past studies.

So it appears that the family pooch may be contributing to the health of everyone – definitely not just man’s best friend, but the kids’ too!

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