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Let’s Play Outside!


Are you fed up with being indoors? Have all your toys and games lost their appeal? Do you need to stretch your body? If the answer is yes then it’s time to play outside?

Get the right gear on your body and feet. Do you need a sunhat or raincoat? Wellies or pumps? Dress for the weather, tell a grown up and get going!

Things to do if you are on your own:

  • Count how many steps it is round your garden or to your friend’s house.
  • Time yourself to go up the road and back again. Can you improve your time if you try again?
  • Borrow the dog’s ball (don’t let him see) and throw it up into the air. How high will it go? Can you catch it every time?
  • Play keepy-uppies with a football. How many times can you kick or knee the ball before it hits the ground?
  • Get your bike out and build an obstacle course from plant pots or sticks and rocks and weave skillfully around. How quick can you get?

Things to try with a friend:

  • Challenge each other to races. Run or cycle or scooter!
  • Play throw and catch with the dog’s ball (he may have decided he doesn’t want you to have it by now, so you may have to be sneaky to get it).
  • Put your mate in ‘goal’ and try to score with your football. Your mate may soon get fed up, so you might want to give him a rest from being goalie after a while.

Things to try with a gang:

  • Play tig, or try to get to a base before your friend can tig you.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Build an awesome den with old branches and blankets. Don’t use mum’s best tablecloth or duvet. If necessary, grab the dog’s blanket – he will be used to you taking his things by now.
  • Get a long skipping rope and take turns skipping and turning the rope. Who can keep going for the longest?

Have fun, play nicely and play safely.