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London 2012 Figures


Are your kids the type to be fascinated by figures? Do they have any comprehension of numbers over a thousand? A million? Even a billion? Lots of kids find big numbers quite staggering and, if we are talking big numbers, then take a look at these babies:

  • 4 billion is the estimated number of people around the world who will watch the opening ceremony
  • £536 million is the cost of the new stadium
  • 9.6 million is the number of tickets that will be sold
  • 800,000 is the number of tiles used in the aquatics centre
  • 200,000 is the number of the olympic workforce
  • 17,320 is the number of beds in the athletes’ village
  • £3,500 is the price for a special titanium wheelchair for the paralympic basketball athletes
  • 2000 is the number of trees planted in the olympic park
  • 1630 is the number of weight discs bought for the weightlifting competition
  • 432 is the number of boxing gloves that will be worn
  • 17km is the total length of steel cables over the olympic velodrome


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