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Nom! Nom! Nom! Children’s Party Catering

party food

party foodPutting together the food for a kids’ party gives you a lot of freedom to have fun with food that you might not normally get the chance to make (and enjoy!). This food can range from special cupcake to fizzy pop, as well as the all-important birthday cake. Of course, you also want to be careful not to put too many sugary and sweet things into the mix, while making sure that everyone gets a decent amount food. In this way, what are some of the best ways in which you can cater for a children’s party?


First off, it’s important to get the basics right – this means filling up a table with children’s partystaples such as mini pizzas, sausage rolls, cheese on sticks, a selection of crisps and sandwiches; it’s a good idea to get the right mix of small items, from fruit slices to vegetable sticks, as well as matching up the amount of food you make to how many children are planning to attend – it’s usually better to have a bit too much food than not enough on the day.

You should also ensure that you stock up with paper plates and cups to cut down on washing up, and to reduce the risk of breaking your plates and glasses. With finger food buffets, you can alternate between cold food and crisps with food that can be warmed up in the oven or microwave and served during the day; check to see if anyone coming to a party is vegetarian or vegan, which can allow you to include plenty of non meat options and some vegan sweets.

While you can go through a catering company, you might find that you spend more overall than if you make the food yourself – if you arrange for catering at a party venue, you’re also often more likely to be left with more food afterwards than you were expecting. One idea to pursue with a venue is to speak to kids party organisers if you’re having a themed party for ideas over how to extend this theme to food – this might include a magic theme with chocolate wands, or a football theme with club badges on cupcakes.

The birthday cake is going to be the focus for many people’s catering challenges – talk to the birthday boy or girl in advance to find out what they want, and what food will serve different diets – check this through instructions on an invitation. For a cake, either consider making one yourself or buying one that you can then decorate with icing and toppings, depending on how much time you have.

When catering a children’s party, you can put the same degree of effort into party bags as the main spread of food; decide whether you want to include slices of cake, or mini bags of sweets alongside toys or biscuits. Personalised biscuits with children’s names on them in icing can be good ideas, as can including a few healthy snacks so that you’re not sending children home with just a bag full of sweets.

Author Bio: Colin Laird is a blogger who specialises in catering and putting together kids parties on a budget. He recommends DNA Kids birthday parties for special events and themed parties. When not blogging Colin spends a lot of time teaching his own two children how to bake.

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