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On Your Bike!

Kids' cycling

Do you own a bike? Are you big enough to cycle to school? Does a grown-up take you on bike rides or do you play out on bikes with your friends? If yes then there’s good news – cycling is fabulous for your fitness!

  • It helps your muscles in your legs and bottom get strong
  • It helps with your cardiovascular fitness – that means, your heart and lungs get very very good at pumping blood and oxygen around your body
  • It helps your balance and concentration

Its also great fun – well at least whizzing down hills is great fun, I can’t say I enjoy huffing and puffing up the hills! One thing that is exciting and challenges your skill on two wheels, is setting up an obstacle course and ramps. Try weaving round cones or stones or lumps of wood. Challenge your friends to see who is the most skillful or the quickest. Invent some of your own games or races.

Safety First

Before you go out on your bike it is a good idea to make one or two safety checks:

  • Do you have a helmet that fits snuggly?
  • Are your brakes working?
  • Is there enough air in the tyres?
  • Do your lights or reflectors work?

Tell a grown-up where you are going and say what time you will be back if you are going on a long bike ride or out with friends. Check out if the council run any cycle safety schemes through school so that you are confident and safe enough to ride on the road. If you haven’t been shown how to ride on the road, stick to cycle lanes. Cycle lanes have little paintings of bikes on them and you can get maps of cycle routes in your area here. Ask a grown up to help you or better still, take them along with you – they might benefit from some cycling fitness too!


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