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Ow! That Computer Can Hurt!

Safe use of a computer

You know the feeling when you’re getting really into a computer game and your eyes start to get a bit tickly. Or you might be playing on your laptop and you’re hands and wrists start to ache. They’re signs that you are not sitting properly or that you are spending far too long staring at a screen. If you take good care and follow some easy tips, it will save you from getting something called repetitive strain injury, which is an injury to a body part that is overused.

  1. Sit in a chair. Sitting in a chair when you are playing with your games console, or on your laptop is a good, natural body position. Put your feet on the floor if you can, and sit with your back resting on the back of the chair. Use a cushion behind you if you are little.
  2.  Typing properly. When you type, your arms need to be in a L shape, with your fingers resting on the keyboard. If you have to stretch to reach the keys, move the keyboard a bit closer.
  3. Give your eyes a break. When you are looking at a screen, your eyes are working really hard. In fact, a study has shown that our poor eyes don’t blink very much when we are screen watching, which leaves them itchy and dry and can cause damage over a long period of time. It’s important to have the screen about 45-50 centimetres from your face and to take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest!
  4. Take busy body breaks. Busy body breaks mean getting up and moving around. Go for a walk or stretch around the room.

All-in-all you should try and limit your screen time to 1-2 hours a day, this includes watching TV, and using the computer. That’s not a long time really is it? If you are really sensible and look after your young body when you are watching a screen, it won’t be creaky and achey when you get older!