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Stay Friends With Your Brother Or Sister – 3 Top Tips


Every kid thinks that their brother or sister must be the most annoying thing in town. In fact, there has probably been plenty of occasions when you wished they would take a one way ticket to outer space. But, the truth is, you have to get on with your sis or bro. Peace and harmony is what it’s all about because no one wants to live in a house that is like a battle zone.

1. Respect their space: Whether you share a room or have seperate rooms, it is kind and considerate to respect each other’s space. Don’t just invite yourself in, you can knock on their door. And definitely do not go in without their permission. You probably wouldn’t like it if they did that to you. If they live in the other half of the room, respect their half. Don’t trash it by dumping your stuff on their bed for example.

2. Respect their things: One thing that is bound to cause upset is if you take or break anything that isn’t yours. For example, “borrowing” a DVD without asking first or taking their favourite pens because yours have all got lost. It’s just not fair to help yourself and you really would not like it if they did the same to you. It’s much better to ask and the chances are, they will share with you. If they lend their things, it is polite to be very careful with them and give them back with a big thank you and a smile (that way they might lend to you another time!) Some cunning sisters and brothers might try and do a “trade” with you and say you can borrow those pens, if you let me use your CD player. It’s ok to trade, but much kinder to share.

3. Respect their likes and dislikes: You might be total opposites when it comes to likes and dislikes. One might like watching telly, one might like listening to music or reading books. One might like peace and quiet and one might like noise. You have to live together so you need to find some middle ground when it comes to respecting differences. What that means is, one evening, you might play a game that is your brother or sister’s favourite and the next you might choose something different and they join in with that. It’s only fair that you take it in turns to choose and that may mean that sometimes you end up playing something that you are not fond of, or listening to music that is not your favourite, or watching a TV show that you don’t find very entertaining. So long as they respect your choices too, then there should be some good times ahead.

Does all this sound too easy? Is your sister and brother still being a pain? Get them to read the 3 steps above and if you want, you can draw up a charter or rule list that you both sign so that each of you treats the other fairly.

Spending 10 minutes making a charter or hours in battle with your sis or bro, which is best? You decide!



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