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Too Much Sugar

Have you have been told that you eat too much sugar? Does a grown-up always have a grumble at you when you put a spoon of sugar on your breakfast, or choose a fizzy pop when you’re in a cafe? Do you grab a biscuit from the biscuit tin straight after school? Yes? Oh dear. Eating too much sugar can …Continue reading →

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Printable BMI Chart For Children

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Calculating Your Child’s Body Mass Index

Your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of how much of their weight is made up of fat. You can calculate your child’s BMI by taking your child’s weight in kg divided by height in metres squared. If you’re a bit of a maths ignoramus like me you can use the very handy calculator below! Another very useful feature of …Continue reading →

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So You Don’t Want to Go To School

If you don’t want to go to school you are like thousands and thousands of other children. You are not different or unusual, it’s natural. Maybe you find the lessons too easy or too difficult, maybe they’re just plain boring. Perhaps you don’t get along with your classmates, you might be in bother from the teachers or you might be …Continue reading →


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Clean Your Teeth Properly

Now that you are old enough to brush your teeth on your own, are you doing it properly? Lots of kids hate brushing their teeth and only whizz the brush round their mouth for a few seconds, are you like that? If yes, the chances are, you are not getting rid of all the harmful tooth plaque that can damage …Continue reading →

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Facts About Fruit

You’ve got to admit there are some pretty crazy looking fruits out there. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are sweet, some are sour, soft, juicy, crunchy, knobbly – whoa! You could write a whole page of adjectives to describe fruits. But there’s one thing they all have in common -they’re all nutritious and provide essential nutrients …Continue reading →

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How To Be Safe Online – Kids’ Guide

When the Kids-Health team were little, the most technological toy was called Atari. It was a games console that would let you play tennis. And if you got bored of playing tennis you could play tennis against a friend by using the exciting two player option.  And then, oh what fun, you could play tennis against a wall and bash it down …Continue reading →

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