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Too Much Sugar

Have you have been told that you eat too much sugar? Does a grown-up always have a grumble at you when you put a spoon of sugar on your breakfast, or choose a fizzy pop when you’re in a cafe? Do you grab a biscuit from the biscuit tin straight after school? Yes? Oh dear. Eating too much sugar can …Continue reading →

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Child Obesity

There has been much talk about the shocking UK childhood obesity statistics in the media lately. The nation’s children are getting bigger and worryingly this will lead to an unhealthy population of adults in the very near future. The risks to health and the stretching of the National Health Service are quite rightly, giving the medical profession and politicians real cause for concern. Childhood …Continue reading →

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 There are a number of reasons for a child’s toothache. It’s uncomfortable and will make your little one feel thoroughly miserable, so you don’t want to ignore the cause.   Causes: Teething causes pain for babies of course – imagine how we adults would grumble if our teeth cut through our gums! An older child may suffer with toothache if …Continue reading →

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Printable BMI Chart For Children

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Calculating Your Child’s Body Mass Index

Your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of how much of their weight is made up of fat. You can calculate your child’s BMI by taking your child’s weight in kg divided by height in metres squared. If you’re a bit of a maths ignoramus like me you can use the very handy calculator below! Another very useful feature of …Continue reading →

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Buying Shoes That Fit – 10 Top Tips

I confess that when I was a teenager in the eighties, in the name of fashion, I wore some very ill fitting shoes. I remember they hurt my feet and the synthetic materials made very sweaty walking, but I didn’t care – I looked good! Fortunately, no lasting damage was done to my pinkies, and I have to thank my amazing …Continue reading →


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What is Fitness?

Most kids know that fitness is important for health. The grown-ups are always banging on about it after all aren’t they? Just as you’ve settled down to a great computer game dad says ‘Get off that Playstation’ after only 3 minutes. When you’re lying in bed on a Saturday reading a comic, mum chases you up and asks if you would like …Continue reading →

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