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Too Much Sugar

Have you have been told that you eat too much sugar? Does a grown-up always have a grumble at you when you put a spoon of sugar on your breakfast, or choose a fizzy pop when you’re in a cafe? Do you grab a biscuit from the biscuit tin straight after school? Yes? Oh dear. Eating too much sugar can …Continue reading →

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Child Obesity

There has been much talk about the shocking UK childhood obesity statistics in the media lately. The nation’s children are getting bigger and worryingly this will lead to an unhealthy population of adults in the very near future. The risks to health and the stretching of the National Health Service are quite rightly, giving the medical profession and politicians real cause for concern. Childhood …Continue reading →

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Good Sugar, Bad Sugar

It has been all over the news in recent weeks that sugar may be the biggest contributor to the obesity epidemic. No longer is fat seen to be the ‘bad cop’ it is sugar that can cause you to pile on the pounds. In the kids-health household we were wanting to educate ourselves about the sugars in our food so …Continue reading →

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Healthy Barbeque Time!

It’s fabulous when the summer re-appears and you can dust off the barbeque and invite the neighbours and family round. The children love it too. In fact it can become a great excuse to eat all the bangers and burgers they can manage! Well if that’s the case amongst your brood, you can take steps to ensure that the meat is …Continue reading →

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Top 10 Healthy Picnic Ideas for Kids

When the sunny weather finally gets here (haha!) you may be able to dash out for a picnic before it rains again. Here are a few things you can put in the fridge ready for a quick picnic getaway! Carrot sticks, mini pittas and houmous to dip Quiche made from free-range eggs (choose the lower fat and salt varieties if you can) …Continue reading →

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Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Shapes

Are you tired of having squidgy sarnies in your pack-up? Here’s something a little different to try. If you shop around, you may be able to find a groovy little plastic box with a knife and fork fitted into the lid – perfect for transportation to school! You need: 100g dry pasta shapes (twists, bows or tubes are fine) 1 …Continue reading →

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Dehydration in Children

Dehydration in children. What do you give your kids for breakfast? If your household is like the majority of households in the country, then at eight o’clock in the morning, whilst juggling the kids’ packed-lunches, uniforms and homework, you will plonk a dish of cereal and a glass of orange in front of the kids because it’s quick and hassle free. How many of …Continue reading →

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