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The Eatwell Plate

Eatwell plate

Here is another way of looking at the foods you eat.

It’s similar to the food pyramid because you can see how much of each food you should be eating every day. However, we at kids-health think it is slightly better because you can actually plonk your food on top to see if you are eating the right things. Here’s how:

Print a copy of the eatwell plate from here.

Cut it out and colour the pictures. You can copy some more foods from the picture above, or think of some of your own.

Stick it to a paper plate and cover with clear plastic film.

Ask a grown up to help you with dishing today’s dinner onto the plate. Which section would your sausage go? What about carrots? Mashed potato? Some foods are tricky aren’t they. The important thing to make sure is that the portions in your dinner COVERS the right portion of the plate. This way, you can be sure you are eating the right amount of everything for good health. A balanced meal will have vegetables, meat or proteins, starchy foods and milk or dairy foods in the right amounts. And you can count your pudding in that too. No one will mind if your meal misses out the sugary and fatty foods. You might have had a little treat earlier on in the day anyhow!

Here are some questions for you:

  1. Were you surprised by anything? What was it?
  2. Will you change your eating habits after seeing the eatwell plate? How?

There’s absolutely one thing the kids-health team will be doing for sure and that’s EAT MORE VEGETABLES and EAT FEWER CHIPS!