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Too Much Sugar


Have you have been told that you eat too much sugar? Does a grown-up always have a grumble at you when you put a spoon of sugar on your breakfast, or choose a fizzy pop when you’re in a cafe? Do you grab a biscuit from the biscuit tin straight after school? Yes? Oh dear. Eating too much sugar can really harm your health. Here’s just a few:

  • Sugar can make you fatter. It is very high in calories, which means that unless you are really active and can burn the calories off, your body will store them as fat.
  • Sugar can be addictive. Yes, just like cigarettes, it is possible to be addicted to sugar. This means, you feel rubbish unless you eat sugary foods and drinks. And the more you get, the more you need so it is one horrible cycle of needing and eating sugar – YUK!
  • Sugar destroys teeth. those beautiful new teeth that you have been growing during your childhood will turn black and rotten if you eat sweets and drink sugary drinks all the time and if you don’t clean them after eating sugary stuff. EWW!
  • Sugar can seriously harm your concentration. When kids eat sugar it affects the way they behave. Some kids get very hyperactive and can’t sit down to concentrate on a single thing. This is bad news if you are at school.
  • Eating too much sugar can give you diabetes in later life. Diabetes is a disease. People who have diabetes have a problem with using sugar in their body. Sometimes there is too much sugar in their blood and sometimes there is too little. They have to work very hard to make sure their blood sugar stays more or less the same so that they don’t feel rubbish and get some nasty problems with their skin, eyes and other bits and bobs inside their body. You really do not want to get diabetes – so lay off the sweets!

So the next time you look at an easter egg or a huge fizzy lemonade or a fat iced cake, ask yourself if you need it. A small portion of chocolate egg is fine, a small glass of fizzy drink or a little slice of a fat iced cake is also ok. You must resist the urge to gobble the lot – and try to choose only one sugary thing each day! Your body will thank you for it!