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Too Much TV?

Too much TV?

 “Too much TV is harming our kids”

“Kids’ health suffers due to TV watching habits”

“Increased obesity levels are down to younsters watching more than 3 hours TV every day”

Headlines, headlines, headlines! We have heard it all before. Kids are watching too much TV – that is a fact. Quality TV can be informative, educational and entertaining, but too much of the TV dross can be harmful. Here’s why:

Kids are sitting still

If your child spends too much time in front of the TV they are not being active enough. Inactivity can lead to obesity, poor physical health and strength. Our parents and grandparents were far more active and were healthier and trimmer but today’s kids are missing out on exploring their outside environment and are far too used to being plonked in front of the telly. More and more emphasis has been placed on getting children MOVING and not SITTING, so what are you waiting for – switch off that goggle box and get active!

Kids watch unsuitable stuff

Whilst there are a lot of really good children’s shows, (the UK has arguably the best children’s programming in the world), kids are exposed to far too much violence, adult and bad behaviour if they watch TV after 9pm – the watershed. It has been shown that children do try and copy the things they see on the TV and renowned Doctor, Lord Robert Winston, has stated on several occasions that he believes television has a negative effect on even very small children and their behaviour.

Children see adverts for unsuitable products

Kids are exposed to adverts for all kinds of things. A recent report stated that western children watch close to thirty thousand ads a year. Toys, gadgets and computer games can lead to wanting unaffordable items and promote the awful pester power – the power that some children hold over their parents by pestering for the things they want. Unhealthy foods and sugary drinks are promoted as being “must haves” and made to look appealing and attractive to youngsters. Is it any wonder that UK kids are amongst the most overweight in Europe?

What can parents do about television?

  • Limit TV access and keep a careful eye on what your children are watching. An hour a day is plenty.
  • Talk to your older child about TV advertising and the affect it has on our lives.
  • Don’t let your children eat their dinner in front of the telly, and if possible always eat food at the table as a family.
  • If your child has a TV in their bedroom, you can do the channel selecting, and keep the remote control out of your child’s reach. Disable the manual buttons too.