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Water Fun

Water slide fun

 So after a hard day at school, when you’ve been toiling away at your desk, trying to puzzle out answers to difficult maths questions and struggling for inspiration for your literacy story, you need to unwind. All day, you’ve been longing to get out in the fresh air to have fun, so here is the most fabulous idea that won’t cost the earth.

You will need:

  • A 5 metre strip of polythene (from garden centres for about £2 per metre)
  • Some pegs to hold the polythene down (you can buy polythene pegs from the garden centre but tent pegs with flat tops work well.
  • The garden sprinkler ( check there are no hosepipe bans in your town)
  • Some diluted baby bath bubbles in a squirty bottle
  • Some friends

What to do:

  • Peg the polythene down onto a stone-free, grassy area
  • Squirt some bath bubbles up and down the polythene
  • Get the garden water sprinkler and direct it onto the polythene
  • Get into your swimming gear, take a big run up and skid along the polythene and under the sprinkler shower – ace fun!










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